The largest private label cosmetic company in hair coloring and lightening in South America.


Coferly is the largest private label cosmetic company in hair coloring and lightening in South America. Its core values are tradition, quality and innovation.

Striving constantly to innovate and improve, Coferly makes ongoing investments in research to offer products with innovative technologies and the highest performance.

Because all the raw materials that go into making its products come from assured quality sources, Coferly gained the recognition of the best professional hair coloring brands in Brazil, and has maintained it for 80 years.

Our History

  • 1936

    Foundation of the company with Tablet Santoantonio, its only product

  • 1972

    New company with the name Coferly:
    Co = Company
    Fer = Ferraz
    Ly = Lygia

  • 1997

    New logo and corporate name (Coferly Cosmética Ltda.)

  • 1998

    Beginning of private label cosmetics manufacture for coloring and lightening

  • 2006

    Implementation of Corporate Governance practices, Internal Controls, ERP

  • 2014

    Professionalization of management, independent board of advisers

  • 2016

    Investments in research, always striving to offer the market new technologies and innovations

  • 2018

    Qualified Supplier 2018” Award for Private Label Cosmetic Company Category given by ABIHPEC (Brazilian Association of the Cosmetics, Toiletry and Fragrance Industry)


To improve the performance of companies in the hair coloring industry, by providing complete solutions for hair cosmetics.


We will be the best and most complete solution in hair cosmetics.


Innovation – Guide the company’s management, products and services creatively, constantly seeking distinction.

Learning – We value teamwork, focusing our efforts on constantly gaining the knowledge we need to take us to excellence.

Diversity – We believe that respect for different opinions is essential to achieve creative and innovative solutions.

Responsibility – Honoring commitments to assure reliability among our entire network of relationships.

Resilience – The ability to adapt and react when faced with situations that require flexibility.

Consideration – Respect is the foundation of quality relationships among people.

Entrepreneurship – We expect initiative from people to drive them to achieve and aggregate excellent results.