A structure of wide-ranging services to make private label cosmetics manufacturing the most complete cosmetic experience

Coferly offers its clients a structure of wide-ranging services to make private label cosmetics manufacturing the most complete cosmetic experience.


We are prepared to provide our clients with total logistics control, offering the following services:

6-month stock of packaging and supplies

Available space for storage of packaging and supplies, large enough to fit 6 months of your sales.

Inventories and stock reports

We make inventories and stock reports available periodically or whenever requested, to ensure accuracy, transparency and good management of your stock of packaging and supplies.


Dedicated relationship management

We have a dedicated relationship team that takes good care of our clients, and provides each client with fast, efficient, and customized service.

Technical support and training

We have a technical team to serve our clients, solving questions, and providing lab tests and training for all of our products.


Product Registration

We handle the registration of all the products we manufacture at the Brazilian Health Surveillance Agency, including first registration, changes and renewals.


Customized developments

We develop formulas according to our customers and market needs.

Research and trends

We have marketing and research departments that stay abreast of the newest trends and current information to bring our clients the latest market news.


Raw materials quality control

We make rigorous quality controls of all raw materials to assure the quality of our finished products.

Finished product quality control

We guarantee that all our products are submitted to rigorous controls from the very beginning to the very end of the manufacturing process.

Packaging quality control

We control all the aspects of packaging that may affect end product or process quality, to guarantee the efficiency and quality of the finished product.



We manufacture our products to meet the requirements of each client profile, providing customized formulations in an automated and integrated manufacturing plant with all the required quality processes and standards.

Identification of finished products

We provide customized identification of the products, so that they are ready for sale by our clients to their customers as shipped.


Packaging Development Consulting

We help our clients develop their packaging, in conformance with prevailing regulations, according to manufacturing processes, and designed for the end user.

Product Choice Consulting

We share our technical and market expertise so that our clients can choose the product features that best meet their needs.

Referral of suppliers

We supply a list of references of suppliers for all of process steps, packaging, color charts, carriers and design agencies, among others.

Color Chart Design Consulting

Our consulting services help our clients choose the best shape, layout design and choice of swatches.

Tax advice

We lend support to our clients, providing tax management information for private label manufacturing operations.