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Precious stones joint Coferly’s shades family, with the METALS Collection. Especially developed for young consumers, the line was formulated in tone base, bringing vibrant colors and metallic effect.

Totally ammonia-free, the METALS Collection can be applied to any type of hair in an easy, simple and fast way. Remembering that hair lightening must occur before the application of the toner, by a specialized professional.


The cream was developed exclusively for men, it gently tones the gray hair, enhancing the color of the hair, restoring a natural and healthy appearance. The predominance of the ashy reflections prevents the tone of the hair from getting a coppery or reddish appearance.

The semi-permanent hair color is completely ammonia-free and it is composed of multifunctional actives and agents that care and treat the hair providing shine, hydration and protection to the scalp.


We have developed a permanent ammonia-free hair color so that your company can innovate. We have removed ammonia, but kept the lightening, durability, gray coverage, and improved cosmetic treatment, and also added actives that boost glow, smoothness and color protection.

We have created a product with a very pleasant scent, less harmful to hair and scalp, which gives more hydration to hair fibers and makes hair more resistant to ruptures than the traditional hair colors. Several customization choices, with different actives, fragrances and colors.


It penetrates deep inside that hair strand, striping the hair of its natural color and locking in the new shade. It is applied to change, darken or lighten natural hair shades, in addition to covering gray hair efficiently.

Today, Coferly has developed many colors, with several bases (creams), active ingredients and fragrances.


It changes hair shades without lightening the hair, and is used to correct brassy tones or enhance natural color.

It covers gray hair without damaging it, since it contains no ammonia and uses a low oxidizing strength. It is ideal for damaged or sensitive hair. Available in several choices of bases (creams), colors, fragrances and active ingredients.


When powder bleach is mixed with cream developer, it promotes gradual lightening in natural or color-treated hair.

Several dust-free formulas have been developed for different lightening intensities, and with different choices of active ingredients, fragrances and colors, including an option with no ammonium persulfate.


It is used to activate coloring and lightening products, and reacts with the pigment of the hair strand to strip the color by oxidation.

We recommend that the correct strengths be used to avoid compromising the results.

Available in the strengths needed for all types of applications, as well as different options of fragrances and active ingredients.